Smomid at Vinyl Renaissance After Hours!

Join Us for Smomid at Vinyl Renaissance & Audio After Hours!†

SMOMID - String Modeling Midi Device

SMOMID is Nick Demopoulosí project that has accomplished something singular with this release and shows there are vast territories in electronic music remaining to be staked out by genuine visionaries.† Only utilizing instruments he has designed and built to perform interactive computer music; Smomid music often features glitchy and scattered beats, sampling, abstract textures, ambient spaces, and improvisation. Smomid music draws on many varied influences and creates bizarre juxtapositions with deft sonic versatility, with samples of heavy beats, Gregorian Monks chanting and Taiko drum sounds all coexisting comfortably.

Tickets: $12.00
7:00PM Vinyl Renaissance - Overland Park
Overland Park, KS