Chilldren of Indigo After Hours Show

Join Us After Hours at Vinyl Renaissance for an evening with Dallas, TX based Chilldren of Indigo!

Funky.... Soulful..... Psychedelic........ Head banging... Hip hop? With influences that vary from Black Sabbath, to Kendrick Lamar, Chilldren of Indigo are a hard band to sum up in a few words. The Dallas Texas natives are currently working on there 4th studio album while amping up for their upcoming summer tour.

Members Jo Indigo (vocals) and Jay Indigo (guitar & keys) met October of 2014 the music has not stopped. with addition of members Tito Indigo (drums), Sneedless Indigo (bass) and Nic Indigo (saxophone & guitar) went from a studio project to a well oiled destructive machine pretty much overnight. With 3 albums released and 300+ shows played in 4 short years it is clear they a a force to be reckoned with. Their high energy performance is truly something you must see with your own eyes. From Hip-hop festivals to sharing the stage with Last in Line (Dio's backing band) their music seems to transcend genres.

Their New Album 'Keepers Of The Fire' Out Now!

Tickets: $10.00